Kyle Kuzma Donates More Than 200 Pillows to Kids with Active Dreamers and That Pillow Guy

Los Angeles- CA. — To celebrate National Children’s Day Kyle Kuzma has partnered up with Active Dreamers and That Pillow Guy to make more than 200 pillows of Kyle with his personal signature to donate to underprivileged children during summer programming at A Place Called Home. A Place Called Home (APCH) is a youth and community organization in South Central Los Angeles that provides a safe space for children, teens, young adults, and their families. APCH offers programs and services in arts, education and wellness year-round to help them improve their economic conditions and thrive. For the past 25 years, APCH has served more than 20,000 at-risk youths in their educational, personal and artistic endeavors, inspiring them to make a meaningful difference in their communities and the world.

Kyle Kuzma wanted to give back to his supporters as well as stand for a good cause, “being a role model is an important role to me. I want to be able to be a good influence to everyone who watches me on and off the court.” Kyle Kuzma is famously known as the forward for the Lakers basketball team in Los Angeles. Kyle was drafted 27th in 2017 from Utah, and just came off a historic rookie season. When Kyle isn’t on the court of practicing, he is out meeting with fans and giving back to the very community that supports him. Kyle himself reached out to Active Dreamers to see if they could make a donation together.

Active Dreamers is a company founded by Jack McClinton, former basketball player who played shooting guard for the University of Miami Hurricanes. Jack might have given up playing professionally but his passion for basketball was the reason he created Active Dreamers. Active Dreamers is a company that creates NBA licensed pillows and blankets. Active Dreamers and Life Like Pillows have collaborated to make a custom shaped pillow for donation at APCH

Life Like Pillows is a company that originates in Chicago IL, and creates the most famous custom pillows in the world. The founder of this company is Oleg Lee, better known as “That Pillow Guy”. “That Pillow Guy” jumped on the opportunity to donate with Kyle Kuzma since his company donates thousands of pillows to different organizations every year through their Smiles Mission. “Giving back to communities is the most exciting part of my company. We love being able to make people smile through our pillows.”

“That Pillow Guy” then fulfilled more than 200 custom signed pillows and shipped them out to A Place Called Home where him, Jack McClinton, and Kyle Kuzma will meet up on Friday, June 15th and meet the children that will be receiving these pillows.

You can learn more about Active Dreamers and That Pillow Guy at the following links.